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TERRACE HOSPITALITY - The most impressive way to watch the Monaco GP



There are not many experiences comparable to a Monaco Terrace – it is simply something unique, unlike any grandstand or other hospitality packages at any other Grand Prix. Simply put, it is the only way you can take in the entirety of the Grand Prix, combined with superb service and the very best entertainment.



The Monaco Terrace View

Imagine yourself stepping onto a terrace, placing your hands on the railing, and looking out over almost the entire Monte Carlo race track. The first thing that strikes you is the complete view of the Monaco harbour right underneath you. Hundreds of the world’s fanciest yachts hosts some of our most renowned celebrities, alongside the sport’s most impressive seaside track passage.


You see the track twist its way between the most sought-after grandstands, of which some extend over the water to make room for all the fans watching this legendary Grand Prix. In the very center, the crisp blue water of the surprisingly placed Swimming pool glimmers alongside the striking shape of the Monte Carlo Automobile Club’s red tower. You might wince when you start hearing the sounds of the V8 engines approaching around the Ste Devote Corner, and perhaps you’ll hold your breath when they accelerate past right beneath your balcony at almost 300 km/h.


On your far-right side, are two of Monaco’s staple landmarks – Le Rocher and the Princely Palace. What catches your eye is its impressive height and myriad of fans claiming their General Admission spot among the gardens and pathways to catch a glimpse of the action in the Grand Prix valley below. The F1 single-seaters take two tricky turns underneath Le Rocher, including the famous La Rascasse corner, and you can follow the exciting speed-up as they return to the harbour area, passing the Paddock Club™ and the Red Bull House.


Glancing North, you see the race chase continue up the Beau Rivage hill and disappear into the famous Monaco Tunnel, surrounded by Monaco Ville’s decadent buildings and decorated apartment facades.  


It’s simply a view you have to see live – secure yourself a Terrace spot now!




What’s included on your Terrace

Gootickets has decades of experience in organizing Terrace experiences for the Monaco Grand Prix, including tailored packages and experiences for private, corporate or group trips. As a company based in Monaco itself, we have unique connections within the industry that allows us to create a combination of entertainment, gourmet catering and superbly designed spaces you’ll find nowhere else . Just to take a couple of examples; on our Elite Club Terrace last year, we hauled up an entire F1 Simulator to the 15th floor of Caravelles, so our guests could try out an F1 ride for themselves. We also had an out-of-this-world saxophone player sharing his tunes along with our DJ on the rooftop. Whether you choose the Elite Club Terrace, Platinium, Gold or Silver, you always get:


- Access to your Terrace with superb views of the Monaco Grand Prix

- Continental breakfast in the morning

- Delicious 3-course lunch

- Afternoon Tea & Coffee with refreshments

- Open bar service (including Champagne, wines, beer and soft drinks)

- All-day hospitality service from our friendly hostesses




Need help choosing your Terrace?

We are a team of hospitality experts and Monaco Grand Prix enthusiasts that are more than happy to give you recommendations and more information. Don’t hesitate to email [email protected] for personal advice.



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